Our Solution

Brooklyn Independent is a middle school committed to diversity and inclusion as the keys to effective learning. A sliding-scale tuition model ensures that all students have access to excellent education and that our students learn and grow as part of a community reflective of the world beyond.

At Brooklyn Independent, we believe our borough holds the answers for a more positive world.

We see a community rich in diversity and open to all—one that teaches, and challenges, and celebrates each person. We see extraordinary teachers deeply devoted to their students, unlocking curiosity and preparing them for the years to come. Brooklyn is a place where arts and sciences coexist and learning goes beyond the classroom.

But we also see a borough that is deeply segregated. We see a school system lacking in integration and, in turn, the beautiful exchange of ideas and cultures that leads us to grow as communities and individuals. We see middle schools that simply do not have the resources to teach every student and we see these critical years for personal development falling to the wayside. The road to the top universities has been paved for the few, not the many.

Brooklyn Independent is a private school with a public mission for ALL kids. We give middle school students from across Brooklyn the best possible education—academically, socially, and ethically—so that they can forge a better path forward. With the right foundation, we know our children can be powerful agents of change. We believe great things happen at the intersection of rigor, passion, and a commitment to inclusion in all its forms.

Great things are happening at Brooklyn Independent.