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Why Reading is POWER

Yes, we all know there is a strong correlation between reading and academic success.

But at Brooklyn Independent, we <3 reading because we believe in the power of storytelling. We believe empathy is built by reading and understanding a person's perspective that is different from ours. We believe compassion is built when we feel and love the characters in our books as if they were our closest friends. We believe reading is power because words can transport us, inspire us, and change our lives. At Brooklyn Independent, we believe reading is POWER!

And who better to partner with than our our friends at Books Are Magic and

READ 718 for our Kids Book Club to promote our love of reading! The first book we'll be discussing is "The First Rule of Punk" by Celia Perez. Make sure to RSVP and find out more details here!

Here's a quick blurb:

There are no shortcuts to surviving your first day at a new school—you can’t fix it with duct tape like you would your Chuck Taylors— and twelve-year-old Malú (María Luisa, if you want to annoy her) is seeming to push all the wrong buttons at Posada Middle School. But when she assembles a group of like-minded misfits at school and starts a band, Malú finally begins to feel at home. She'll do anything to preserve this, which includes standing up to an anti-punk school administration to fight for her right to express herself! 


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