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Distance Learning: Science Projects!

As a start-up school, we understand the importance of needing to get creative. And thanks to Ms. Hadam, our kids did just that!

Science needs to be seen, touched, and applied. The switch to distance learning presented a few obstacles, but our students were up for the challenge! Over the past month, BKI students created their own at-home Science experiments. Students have been committed to independently tracking their data and are now in the process of analyzing their results.

Here's what we're tracking:

“Will my grades increase if I go for a bike ride every morning before school?”

“Does the type of music I listen to have an effect my ping-pong skills?”

“Will the type of video game I play have an effect on the amount of headaches I get?"

“Does the type of dog treat I use have an effect on how well my dog responds to commands?”

Stay tuned for results!


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