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Sliding-Scale Tuition

Brooklyn Independent uses a unique sliding-scale tuition model. This model supports our commitment to making a Brooklyn Independent education accessible to a wide range of families with a variety of economic circumstances.

The foundation of our commitment to equity and inclusion is our unique sliding-scale tuition model, which provides access to an excellent education for children from across the socio-economic spectrum while eliminating the distinction between families that receive financial aid and those that do not. All students begin each morning on equal footing with their classmates.

How it Works

All families submit a confidential Preliminary Financial Report as part of their application which is used to determine each family's tuition level. This determination is comprehensive, and is not based solely on income.

Why We Use It

The result of a sliding-scale tuition model is a classroom as diverse as the borough of Brooklyn. We believe all families deserve the right to full participation in our community and as such, we use a sliding-scale tuition model to provide equal access for all families across all income levels. 


We believe diverse and equitable environments make us better, smarter, and stronger.

2022-2023 Tuition Ranges

$0 - $44,625​

Tuition Breakdown
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