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On Being Yourself

Last Friday, we teamed up with Books Are Magic and READ 718 for our first Kids Book Club meeting. We were so inspired by each reader's curiosity and willingness to hear each other's different perspectives. We loved hearing how Shayla felt inspired by the book's theme to just be yourself, how Jaden conquered his fear at his first basketball game (just like protagonist Malu's fear of singing in Spanish in front of a crowd), and Noah's willingness to provide insight on cilantro after Milo admitted he empathized with protagonist Malu's distate for the herb. Our young readers practiced habits of discussion by using sentence starters - like "I agree with x, and want to build..." or "I respectfully disagree and..." - without any teacher prompting! We were so impressed by their insights and can't wait to meet again in December for our next book club meeting. Turns out the first rule of punk is to just be yourself.

We continue to prioritize kid books that expose us to different cultures and experiences because at Brooklyn Independent, we believe representation matters!


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